"X" Collection

Curated Collection

Sonia Mugabo designs are whimsical and unapologetically feminine, with her strong affinity for botanical giving her clothes a tropical, bohemian flair.

Designed by women, for women

Consisting of an 80% female workforce, Sonia Mugabo understands and embraces diversity in women. We aim to promote women of every body shape. Our designs provide maximum comfort to women as they face the world. 

Effortless clothes that elevate you

Offering both bespoke and prêt-à-porter. Considered details, contemporary design, conscious materials, and quality are at the core of our design approach.

Why Sonia Mugabo?


Our design approach is based on the notions of thoughtfulness, timelessness, and impeccable quality. Sonia Mugabo pieces can be worn with ease today and years from now.


We get to the very essence of what it means to redefine oneself. With quality pieces that stand out, Sonia Mugabo pieces are carefully made to help you feel like your best self.