Spring / Summer 2022

Sonia Mugabo Spring ‘22 | Redefining Self

The ability to redefine yourself is a bold, daring and purposeful choice. It doesn’t just happen. You have to make a conscious, intentional choice and then follow through. After suffering loss, grieving, having mental health struggles, turning 30, COVID-19 - I took a pause to work on my well-being. I made a decision to take one day at a time, not feeling rushed to attain matters of the world and really reflect on what really mattered in life. So many people are in search of happiness, but what is it to truly be happy? Happiness isn’t something that’s found but is created from within. No one can take your happiness from you or prevent you from being happy. No one except you, that is.

Through my journey, I learnt that I could continue defining myself through the circumstances which I went through, or I could define myself based on what I value in life. This collection represents the woman who embraces change that unlocks new levels of potential, who redefines herself without losing who she is.