Terms & Conditions

This website should be used with adult supervision. Payment information must come from or be given by an adult. These conditions also apply to end-users purchasing Goods in the course of their business. Customers that buy Goods during commercial transactions are subject to these terms and conditions as well. Please get in touch with info@soniamugabo.co if you're a company account owner.

If you order products from outside Rwanda, there may be import duties and fees when your items reach their destination. Sonia Mugabo is not responsible for these costs, and we guarantee that no calculations or estimations will be made.

If you're buying from outside Rwanda, you'll need to contact your local customs authorities for further information. Because you will be the importer of record when purchasing items, you must verify that your purchase is in full accordance with the nation's laws into which the Goods are being imported.

Please be aware that the goods may be subjected to customs checks on arrival at a port and that Sonia Mugabo cannot promise that your shipments will arrive without signs of tampering.

The website, except for user-generated material such as text, graphics, logos, icons, images, sound clips, video clips, data compilations, underlying code and software (all known collectively as "Content"), is the property of Sonia Mugabo or our affiliates. If you continue to use the website, you agree that any such material is covered by applicable Rwandan and international intellectual property laws.

This website, like all of its predecessors, may include links to other websites. Unless otherwise stated, Sonia Mugabo and our affiliates have no control over these sites. We disclaim any responsibility for the materials on such websites and assume no liability for any loss or damage that result from their use. The presence of a link to another site on this website does not imply an endorsement of the linked site or those in control of it.

To purchase items on this website and use the enquiry form features, you must first create an account that will demand certain personal information and payment information, which may differ depending on your website usage.

You acknowledge and agree that by continuing to use this website, you agree to keep all information you provide true and accurate, as your creation of an Account further confirms your statement.

It is highly advised that you do not disclose your account information, especially your username and password. Sonia Mugabo will not be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred due to your Account details being transmitted to other people. It's best to save your Account details in your internet browser while using a shared computer.

If you think your account information has been illegally obtained by someone else, you should contact Sonia Mugabo right away to suspend your Account and cancel any pending purchases.

Sonia Mugabo owns the right to cancel purchases for any cause before processing payment and dispatching them. You will be reimbursed if your orders are cancelled for any reason before shipment.

By placing an order with Sonia Mugabo, you confirm that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

In some cases, you may be required to choose the right [size], [model], [color], and [number] of the items that you buy.

Sonia Mugabo does not guarantee that such goods will be accessible. Stock indications are provided on the website and may be subject to change.

At the time of going online, all pricing information on the website is accurate. Sonia Mugabo has the right to modify prices and introduce any unique discounts as needed. Every working day, all pricing information is reviewed and updated.